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Woman getting a Swedish Massage on her back on a table while the therapist's hands move upwards on her back.

Relax with a Healing Swedish Massage in Vancouver

Swedish massage is a popular therapeutic approach in Vancouver used for soothing strained muscles and boosting energy. This form of massage therapy uses long and gentle strokes, as well as specialized techniques to relax the entire body. Building on some…

Woman receiving deep tissue massage on her back

Unlock Optimal Healing with Deep Tissue Massage in Vancouver

Unlock Optimal Healing with Deep Tissue Massage in Vancouver Deep tissue massage in Vancouver is quickly becoming a popular method of unlocking optimal healing and helping to improve overall well-being. This type of massage allows clients to feel better immediately…

Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy What is a Contraindication / Modification? When a symptom, incident, or circumstance creates a scenario where treatment becomes inadvisable, it is considered to be a contraindication (CI). Generally CIs are conditions that deliver an explanation as to why…

Prenatal Massage Therapy

Prenatal Massage Therapy

  What is prenatal massage therapy? Prenatal massage therapy is the implementation of Registered Massage Therapy treatment for pregnant women, to support the physical, postural, and emotional well-being of the expectant mother and fetus. There are a wide variety of…

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