Prenatal Massage Therapy


Prenatal Massage Therapy for expectant mothers includes receiving treatment during any trimester, anywhere from the prenatal to postnatal stages! 

Treatments can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, including the following: – Improving overall relaxation. 

 Management of pregnancy-related postural changes, if they cause pain. Discussing home care techniques will promote relaxation and a positive overall state of well-being throughout the pregnancy. 

Alleviating muscle aches and prenatal-specific symptoms. 

Helps prevent, treat and/or manage edema. 

Patient education on self-care during the various trimesters and stages. – Providing support as one of the many therapeutic health professionals the patient may be seeing. 

Referring the patient out for treatment which is out of the therapist’s scope of practice. 

As everyone is different, each treatment is catered to each individual’s health history, symptoms, and overall experience during their pregnancy. Each patient should remember to always check in with their chosen medical professionals regularly and to always ask for advice from a medical doctor if they are unsure whether or not massage therapy can be beneficial to them during any of the prenatal stages. 

After booking an appointment, patients will have the opportunity to express on the intake/health history form whether they would like to be positioned face down with the support of a pregnancy pillow, or if they would like to be positioned in the side-lying position during their treatment. Both options will always be readily available for the patient.